Notes from Justin

Augustine United Church PRIDE Service

Sunday, June 4, 2017

444 River Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

8:45am: Warmup and Practice 

9:30am: Service


What is Love
Let the River Run - no drums but we could use shakers!
Earth Song

10:00am: Rally begins at the Legislature

11:00am: Pride Parade begins at the Legislature


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen with violin
The Butterfly


4:30 PM
Run through at Shaarey Zedek.
We will check levels, formation, etc. and have to be out of the sanctuary by 5:30 (there is a daily evening service at that time).

5:30 PM
You will have time to go grab something to eat

6:30 PM
Back to the Synagogue

7:00 PM
Service starts

All black, no colour accents and everyone will get a small yellow star pin to wear (if you feel comfortable wearing it). In the synagogue, men are requested to wear a kippah (the little head coverings), everyone else is not required to wear one but you can if you'd like and they will be provided. 

If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please ensure the length is appropriate for the event (no bare legs and please have length around or below the knee). If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please wear black leggings so that there is no bare legs (not a religious thing, just a uniform thing). Also, shoulders should be covered. Those of you wearing pants, please make sure you wear dressy pants and a dressy shirt- jackets are welcome but not necessary.

Also, those of you with pink triangles are welcome to wear them.

Songs to be Memorized

Mojuba - we are walking in for this and hopefully it will be a bit dark in the house.

Let the river run - you already have this one down!

Earth Song - it would be nice if you were memorized. I'd like the choir to be in a big semi-circle around the church.

La Lluvia - if possible! No worries if it doesn't work.

Sing - I think we could do this one memorized.