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UU & Diversity Dinner

From Johanna's email Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 4:18 PM

Hello everyone, 

Here is some information for you.  


February 5. We talked about this on Monday and about 25 singers raised their hands to sing at the UU Church service on Feb 5.  Please be in the basement by 10:00 for a short warmup. We will be singing Overflowing and Bashana. Zandra and Sarah will have the music for you next week.

February 25. Diversity Dinner YAHOO. (160 Princess street). We will have a choir call at some point (likely 4:00) There will be time to change between the sound check/dress rehearsal and show. Bring your outfits. The soloists will have their sound check during the day--to be announced. 

Diversity Dinner: Red Carpet Event


We are thinking soloists in their costumes, dancers in Time Warp garb and everyone else in VERY fancy black. We will discuss more on Monday. 

For the choir members who are not dining, there will be food for you in the green room.

Some people expressed interest in being in a small group for the DD. The piece is 'Keep it Gay'.  Please think carefully before you volunteer (there will be some extra rehearsals and memorizing on your own time.) 

Keep it Gay, The Producers

please work on memorizing this already

Dancers Time Warp---if you are interested in being a DANCER, we will meet at break next Monday. 

Please let me know by next week if you want a CREEPY SPOKEN SOLO and we will try and slot you in. (this will be split up. mm. 1-19) 

mm. 21-31.  This will be only the DANCERS who sing this part. 'Solo 1'. Goooooo DANCERS!
mm. 41--dancers
m. 43--ALL
m. 45--Dancers
m. 47 choir continues
SOLO 2--measure 61-76 AUDITIONED solo.
mm. 77-84. More creepy volunteers
m. 84-end. Choir 

We will audition Time Warp solos on Feb 6. Time TBD 

OTHER SOLO opportunities and audition times tbd 

Earlier Event: December 5
Many Gifts Concert Rehearsal Times
Later Event: February 5
Unitarian Church Service