Apr 29

Spring Concert Schedule

Prairie Lullaby


Monday, April 24, 6:30-10:00pm at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street

Wednesday, April 26, 6:30-10:00pm at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street

Saturday, April 29 at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street

4:30pm - Call
8:00pm - Concert
Note: Small group/soloist sound check in the afternoon.  

4:30 pm16:30

Yom Hashoah Commemorative Service

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen with violin
The Butterfly


4:30 PM
Run through at Shaarey Zedek.
We will check levels, formation, etc. and have to be out of the sanctuary by 5:30 (there is a daily evening service at that time).

5:30 PM
You will have time to go grab something to eat

6:30 PM
Back to the Synagogue

7:00 PM
Service starts

All black, no colour accents and everyone will get a small yellow star pin to wear (if you feel comfortable wearing it). In the synagogue, men are requested to wear a kippah (the little head coverings), everyone else is not required to wear one but you can if you'd like and they will be provided. 

If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please ensure the length is appropriate for the event (no bare legs and please have length around or below the knee). If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please wear black leggings so that there is no bare legs (not a religious thing, just a uniform thing). Also, shoulders should be covered. Those of you wearing pants, please make sure you wear dressy pants and a dressy shirt- jackets are welcome but not necessary.

Also, those of you with pink triangles are welcome to wear them.

About the service

From: Shaarey Zedek Synagogue website

Join us as we commemorate the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. We will also light a 7th candle in memory of the Roma and Sinti singled out for genocide and the countless other victims of the Nazis and their collaborators, among them: the disabled, gay men, Soviet POWs, political opponents, Jehovah’s witnesses, some members of the Christian clergy and others with whom the Nazis found fault for various reasons.

This year we welcome the participation of the Rainbow Harmony Project, Winnipeg’s Choir for the LGBTQ2* Community and their Straight Allies.

Guest readers of the Megillat Hashoah for 2017:

  • Mr. Artur Wilczynski, Head of Canada’s Delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and Ambassador of Canada to Norway
  • Dr. Jody Perrun, Professor, University of Winnipeg: Antisemitism and the Holocaust 
  • Roberta Malam, Director of the Coast-to-Coast March of the Living Program 
  • Sister Bernadette O’Reilly, Bat Kol TriDiocesan Committee
  • Lutheran Bishop Susan Johnson, National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada 
  • Niigaanwewidam Sinclair, Department Head, Native Studies, University of Manitoba 
  • Ray Dirks, Curator, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery
  • Stanislao Carbone, Director of Programs and Exhibits for the Jewish Heritage Centre and Vice-Consul of Italy for Manitoba 
  • Antonio (Tony) Tavares, Consultant, Diversity Education and International Languages Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment Branch MB Education and Training 
  • Sumera Sahar, Founder and Executive Member, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Winnipeg 
  • Amer Parwana, Sikh community, Manitoba Multifaith Council
  • Jessica Senehi, Associate professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba, and Coordinator of the Dr. Philip Weiss Award for Storytelling for Peace and Human Rights 
  • Major Ray Harris, Salvation Army and Secretary of Manitoba Multifaith Council
9:45 am09:45

Unitarian Church Service

We will meet at 9:45 in the Sanctuary, figure out our 2 rows and do a warm up and run through. 

Thank you again for your commitment to this important Sunday.

Feb 25

UU & Diversity Dinner

From Johanna's email Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 4:18 PM

Hello everyone, 

Here is some information for you.  


February 5. We talked about this on Monday and about 25 singers raised their hands to sing at the UU Church service on Feb 5.  Please be in the basement by 10:00 for a short warmup. We will be singing Overflowing and Bashana. Zandra and Sarah will have the music for you next week.

February 25. Diversity Dinner YAHOO. (160 Princess street). We will have a choir call at some point (likely 4:00) There will be time to change between the sound check/dress rehearsal and show. Bring your outfits. The soloists will have their sound check during the day--to be announced. 

Diversity Dinner: Red Carpet Event


We are thinking soloists in their costumes, dancers in Time Warp garb and everyone else in VERY fancy black. We will discuss more on Monday. 

For the choir members who are not dining, there will be food for you in the green room.

Some people expressed interest in being in a small group for the DD. The piece is 'Keep it Gay'.  Please think carefully before you volunteer (there will be some extra rehearsals and memorizing on your own time.) 

Keep it Gay, The Producers

please work on memorizing this already

Dancers Time Warp---if you are interested in being a DANCER, we will meet at break next Monday. 

Please let me know by next week if you want a CREEPY SPOKEN SOLO and we will try and slot you in. (this will be split up. mm. 1-19) 

mm. 21-31.  This will be only the DANCERS who sing this part. 'Solo 1'. Goooooo DANCERS!
mm. 41--dancers
m. 43--ALL
m. 45--Dancers
m. 47 choir continues
SOLO 2--measure 61-76 AUDITIONED solo.
mm. 77-84. More creepy volunteers
m. 84-end. Choir 

We will audition Time Warp solos on Feb 6. Time TBD 

OTHER SOLO opportunities and audition times tbd 

Dec 10

Many Gifts Concert Rehearsal Times

  • Know United Church

Rehearsal: Monday, Dec 5, 6:30-10:00 , 400 Edmonton St.

Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, Dec 7, 6:30-10:00, 400 Edmonton St.

Concert Date: Saturday, Dec 10, 8:00-10:00 (Call time 5:30) Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton St.

10:00 am10:00

AGM & Workshop

  • ACI Manitoba, Room 300

10 AM: AGM


After Lunch: Workshop

ACI Manitoba is at 245 McDermot Avenue in the Exchange District. It is a large, red brick building across from the Free Press Café. If you need elevator access, please enter through our Arthur Street entrance (the door is seen here). Just follow the signs leading you through the door to the elevator, and please take the elevator up to the 4th floor to your event. There is an accessible elevator inside of this entrance, if you need it. If you wish to enter through our front door on the corner of Arthur and McDermot, you will need to walk up 4 flights of stairs.

Parking: (If it’s during a Saturday) -If you are parking on the street, your first 2 hours are free on Saturdays, but there is a 2 hour limit per parking spot. You can sign up online to  pay parking through your phone, if needed.- (If during the evening) -Street parking is free in the evening.- There are also surface lots and parkades around downtown as well. This location is accessible by bus we are one short block from Main and two from Portage.

> http://downtownwinnipegbiz.com/getting-around/parking/

Parking Guide map > http://en.parkopedia.ca/parking/winnipeg/

9:45 am09:45

Augustine United Church

  • Augustine United Church

Pride Day Performance

9:45 AM sound check/rehearsal
10:30 AM service start time (feel free to invite people)
11:30 AM service ends and we head down to Leg to walk in parade

Dress is RAINBOW FUN! Pick yer' colour

Zandra and Sarah will be there with music yay! Bring folders or binders to hold.

Johanna will be directing.

6:30 pm18:30

Roller Derby Event

  • Fort Garry Curling Club

Fundraiser for Rainbow Resource Centre

6:00 PM Call time - Enter through the side door
6:30 PM Singing O Canada - directed by Stephen
Dress: Casual with Rainbow Accents

Complimentary tickets are available for Choir members who want to stay for the event.


4:00 pm16:00

Performance (Spring Concert)

  • Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

4:00 scott sets up.
4:45 special guest sound check
5:00-- special guest sound check
5:15—riser set up  
6:00 choir call
7:00--special guest conductor gets to practice
7:30 doors open

Memorized music:

Canada's Really Big
Rant and Roar
Oolichan song
Blood on the Saddle
Music in my mother's house (maybe)
Hello Heterosexuals 

Concert Dress

DRESSY BLACK and our ties with shout outs of purple. (purple shoes, subtle jewellery, etc.) 

6:30 pm18:30


  • Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

6:30 CHOIR practice
6:45 Marv
7:00 run of show
Hand out ties
9:00 ish italian run through
9:30 riser take down
***store risers at church

6:30 pm18:30


  • Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

5:00 (???) meet at Paul Jacob’s? Who has uhaul?
6:00 riser set up
6:00 Violin and Crockpots
6:30—CHOIR TO start. We will see how the riser formation works
9:30 (ish) end
10:00 outta there


1:00 pm13:00


  • First Unitarian Univeralist Church

Please try to make every effort to be there, as this is the LAST rehearsal before the concert. Yes, we still have the Monday, but that rehearsal won't really have time to note pound or anything :)


5:00 pm17:00

Canadian Gay Curling Championships

  • Granite Curling Club

Granite Curling Club - 22 Granite Way
5:00 PM arrive
5:30 PM Performance
Attire: dress black bottoms and solid colour tops

Parking will be a challenge so give yourself enough time to arrive, find parking and make it to the club by 5:00 PM.


12:00 pm12:00

AGM and Extra Rehearsal

  • First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg

Noon - 2pm: AGM
2pm - 4pm: Rehearsal

Because we are missing 2 rehearsals it is very important that you try to move mountains to attend this :)

7:00 pm19:00

Solo Auditions

Times to be confirmed

The Music Team will be auditioning for solos on Oct 26. Vocal solos as well as Cup solos

Only in Sleep

All I want for Christmas is You

Riu Riu (just practice verse 1)

CUPS tutorial:


Clapping tutorial

Clapping tutorial slow mo



4:30 pm16:30

RHP Wind-up Potluck

  • Mike and Andy's

4:30 PM Arrive

6:00 PM Dinner

What to bring:

  • A hat if you don’t like the sun
  • What you would like to drink
  • Some food to share
  • There is a BBQ available as well as oven’s to keep food warm.

If you have any questions, please let Mike know
president@rainbowharmonyproject.ca or 204-391-3341

4:30 pm16:30

Concert Details

  • Crescent Fort Rouge United Church
  • Choir Call TBA
  • Concert begins at 8:00 PM

DETAILS: Click the Date Block or the Title 

9:45 am09:45

St. Andrews United Church

  • St. Andrews United Church

9:45 AM - Arrival (Time to get organized on the steps and warm-up)
10:30 AM - Service
11:30 AM - End of Service - Goodies to enjoy with the congregation

DETAILS: Click the Date Block or the Title >