Normalizing the different while having plenty of fun

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By Armande Martine on February 1, 2017

Walking into the grocery store with my same sex spouse, we speak and yell out to each other about what food items we need for the week, “Do we have enough oatmeal left? What about apples?”

Although seen as an ordinary task for heterosexual couples, I am quite conscious that, as a gay couple, we are seen as somewhat of an anomaly. That is especially true in areas where most people rarely see gay couples going about their daily life...

...One day, when my spouse and I go shopping, we won’t be seen as an oddity. Instead gay couples will go about their daily lives like heterosexual couples do, without unwanted stares. Society will understand the gender of the person you love is totally irrelevant.

Help create a more accepting society through the power of music. 

Rainbow Harmony Project’s 5th Annual Diversity Dinner, Art Auction & Cabaret
Sat. Feb. 25, 2017
6 p.m. Wine
7 p.m. Dinner
Roblin Centre, Red River College Exchange District Campus
P308 – 160 Princess Street, Winnipeg, MB
Tickets $145
Early Bird $125 (extended to Feb. 15, 2017)
A tax receipt will be issued: $95 for full price tickets and $75 for early bird tickets.
Tickets Online or phone (204) 788-0937 or from Choir Members

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