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Do you want to be part of Rainbow Harmony Project? If so, please fill in the registration form here. Rainbow Harmony Project (RHP) is an inclusive group of diverse individuals from all shades of the rainbow and beyond who share a passion for and enjoyment of singing. The choir is open to all who wish to add their voices to ours. To ensure that this is an enjoyable experience for everyone, all members must agree to adhere to the following guidelines and expectations:


General Membership Expectations

RHP is a voluntary, not-for-profit community chorus that provides an opportunity for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, two spirit and ally (LGBTQ2*) persons and their supporters to sing together. As such, it is expected that all members of RHP will:

  • Support the mission and goals of RHP
  • Comply with the By-Laws & Policies of RHP and the policies as set by the general membership in conjunction with the Board of Directors
  • Contribute to the achievement of the objectives of RHP by participating in the choir’s activities, including rehearsals, performances, fundraisers and other RHP events according to their abilities


RHP strives to create a space that is inclusive to all and is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. All members must commit to respectful communication to and about each other. Anyone who feels they have been disrespected, discriminated against or harassed should bring this to the attention of their section leader or a board member.

Rehearsals & Musical Instruction

Members are expected to attend all rehearsals, including extra rehearsals around performance times, and are strongly encouraged to attend sectionals when possible. If a significant number of rehearsals are missed, the member may, at the discretion of the Director, be asked to refrain from participating in performances. Excessive absenteeism may result in the loss of membership.

Members come to this choir with widely varying levels of musical experience. In order for the choir to learn the necessary repertoire, and to show respect for the Artistic Director and each other, members are expected to show up and be ready to rehearse on time wherever possible.

During rehearsals choir members must save their conversations for the break. Urgent musical questions should be asked of the Director, but general questions or concerns should be directed to the section leaders outside of rehearsal time. Learning tools such as YouTube links and learning tracks may be provided to assist in the learning of repertoire, but it is expected that members will do some musical “homework” in between practices.

Members may also be asked to participate in movement and/or choreography that is defined for performances. It is expected that all members participate to the best of their abilities.

Sheet Music

All sheet music provided to members is either owned by RHP, or is on loan to RHP from various community organizations, including the Manitoba Choral Association, and must be returned at the end of each term, or upon request. Sheet music may only be marked with a pencil, not with ink or highlighter.

Scent-Free Zone

All practices and performances are scent-free to ensure that those members who have allergies or reactions to scents have a space where they can lend their voices and talents to the continuous development of the choir.

Registration Fee

The RHP season runs from September to May, with the first term running from September to December, and the second term running from January to May. All RHP members must pay the annual registration fee of $150 per season, or two equal payments of $75 per term. Payment is generally due by the last rehearsal of the first month of each term. Failure to make payments by the due dates may result in suspension of membership.

RHP strives to ensure that everyone who wants to join us has the opportunity to do so, regardless of their financial situation. We encourage those in financial need to apply for RHP’s Energy Exchange Program. For more information on this program, please contact Lola Whonnock at:


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