Performance Attire

The idea is fancy black


RHP purchased purple, black and silver ties that RHP owns. If you choose to wear a tie, you will be given one before the concert, and asked to return afterwards.


This is optional. If you decide to wear a jacket or a vest you may also wear a pocket square (provided by the choir)


Black collared
V neck (small v-neck only, no deep v-neck)
Black blouse


Black pants
Try to avoid skirts


The general rule is black socks


If you have purple or silver shoes---go for it. 


Purple silver or black jewellery (necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks...)
Please stay away from the thick pashminas
Do not feel that you HAVE to accessorize. If you are someone who just wants to wear all black with no accessories, that's totally fine. We also don't want to overwhelm the audience. So please do not panic, if you do not want to wear a tie and have no accessories. 

Join the team

Please consider being on the Wardrobe Team. Let us know if you are interested by eMail.