Artist's Recognition Form 2019

Uncorked! - Art Auction

Help Create a More Accepting Society Through the Power of Music

Rainbow Harmony Project accesses a broad spectrum of society through the quality of our performances by breaking down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through diversity and visibility, and by expressing the wants, desires and stories of our lives through the unique power of music.

Rainbow Harmony Project will be holding an art auction during their up coming Uncorked! An Evening of Food, Wine, Music and Art fundraiser.

Info for artists

The artist may provide promotional materials such as a business card to be placed by the work on display. Everyone who makes a donation will receive a tax receipt for the stated value of the work.

All art and information should be submitted c/o Kendra Gowler by March 10, 2018. We can arrange for pick up.

Thank you for supporting Rainbow Harmony Project!

To ensure the artist and their work is properly represented,
please complete the following form:

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Your Name
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Art Work Description
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