Choir and community go hand in hand for me. We are building a community of inclusion and music. Giving our community a voice. Singing together for social change and making music of hope. Everyone belongs here and we belong everywhere. Together our choir makes a proud community. A proud community that I am happy to be a partof.
— Jeremy Johnson, RHP Chorister

Help create a more accepting society through the power of music.

Who is Rainbow Harmony Project

Rainbow Harmony Project accesses a broad spectrum of society through the quality of our performances by breaking down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through diversity and visibility, and by expressing the wants, desires and stories of our lives through the unique power of music.

Advantages of supporting Rainbow Harmony Project


Sponsors will be seen to be making a difference in the acceptance of those who identify as LGBTQ2. Much has happened in recent years to open the doors. However, not all of us feel accepted and some of us still live in fear. This is particularly evident in many schools, workplaces and sports organizations.


  • Website viewers: 4,444 sessions; 2,982 users and 9,730 page views (Oct 2016 to Oct 2017)
  • Concert Audience: 600-1200 at our 2 annual concerts. Email Newsletter Subscribers: 469
  • Fundraising Dinner Attendees: 160
  • Choir members: 70

Sponsorship Levels

Emerald $3500

Full page ad in Spring and Winter concert programs, prominent presence of Logo on all Dinner promotions, 4 Tickets to the Red Carpet Event, logo on website as a supporter from February 2018 - January 2019, thank you in 2 concert programs, opportunity to speak at the event

Ruby $2000

Full page ad in Spring and Winter concert programs, Logo present on all Dinner promotions, 2 Tickets to the Red Carpet Event, logo on website as a supporter from February 2018 - January 2019, thank you in 2 concert programs

Diamond $1000

Free 1/2 page ad in Spring concert program, Logo present on all Dinner promotions, 2 Tickets to the Red Carpet Event, logo on website as a supporter from February 2018 - January 2019, thank you in 2 concert programs

Sapphire $500

Logo on website as a supporter from February 2018 - January 2019, thank you in 1 concert program


Case Statement

Creating a More Accepting Society through the Power of Music

The Rainbow Harmony Project works to create a more tolerant society by accessing a broad spectrum of society through the quality of our performances, by breaking down the foundations of homophobia and transphobia through our diversity and visibility, and by expressing the wants, desires and stories of our lives through the unique power of music.

This award-winning, non-auditioned chorus has performed in every province from British Columbia to Quebec and south to Denver.

The Rainbow Harmony Project gains access to a broad spectrum of society through the quality of our performances. The talented direction, arrangers, singers, instrumentalists and production staff provide the credibility to open doors to our performance opportunities. We access groundbreaking performances, such as “Sharing Our Stories”, a concert performed for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights Content Advisory Committee in January, 2010 during their cross-country consultations where the power of our music and personal stories visibly moved the Advisory Committee members. We gain access to places of worship from our reputation for high-quality musicianship and the power of our message.

We recognize that life is relatively good for LGBTQ2* in large urban enclaves. We are out, and our stories are understood by much of the community. But the urbanization of the LGBTQ2* community is not the long-term solution for the elimination of homophobia and transphobia. We reach out to suburban religious institutions, and take our messages beyond Winnipeg to support isolated LGBTQ2* individuals and the community institutions that support them.

The Rainbow Harmony Project uses this community access to break down the foundation of homophobia and transphobia. These phobia are defined as an irrational hatred, disapproval, or fear of homosexuality, homosexual men, lesbians and transgender persons and their culture. Like other forms of prejudice, homophobia and transphobia are a fear of difference, or fear of the unknown. Both are based on ignorance, by lack of exposure, or by over-exposure to stereotypes of the LGBTQ2* community. Adding to the problem, homophobia and transphobia keep many LGBTQ2* people from coming out, due to their lack of identification with the stereotypes, or the fear that they will be typecast with those elements, thus perpetuating the problem.

We play an important role in creating visibility to the community be representing a broad and diverse group of LGBTQ2* people. We encourage all LGBTQ2* individuals to come out of the closet so our diversity can be seen and understood by society at large. We encourage our members to live open, accepting and proud lives and provide them with a safe, secure and accepting Chorus community. In addition, we encourage LGBTQ2* members of our community to increase their visibility by attending performances where they can be safe, celebrate our diversity, and hear our common stories. Through our broad audience reach and community visibility, we eliminate fear; we encourage understanding and create tolerance.

The Rainbow Harmony Project uses the power of music to convey our stories and connect with audience members in a very unique way. It is well known that music connects with individuals on a deep, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and human level. In bypassing their “fear-based anger”, we touch people’s emotions, and provide an opportunity for them to listen, learn, grow and change. By telling our stories through music, we are able to share with our audiences our common stories of the human experience.

Even as society accepts that the LGBTQ2* community exists, and embraces TV shows, movies, open artists, politicians and celebrations, many heterosexuals still perceive our different sexual orientation as separating us from their basic human wants – children, spouse, and legally recognized and supported families. By telling the stories of our lives, that these wants are so deep and fundamental that LGBTQ2* individuals have worked to realize them long before they were granted legal and community support, the Rainbow Harmony Project helps to create understanding.

Built on an 18-Year History

The Rainbow Harmony Project is one of Winnipeg’s largest and most successful community-based choruses. Now in its 18th season, the 70-voice ensemble is celebrated for its outstanding musicianship, creative programming and community outreach. Under the dynamic leadership of Co-Artistic Directors Johanna Hildebrand and Justin Odwak, the Rainbow Harmony Project sings a wide repertoire ranging from classical to pop, jazzy to folk – often with a “queer” twist but always leaving its audiences uplifted and inspired. We build bridges to all people by providing a positive, affirming image of the LGBTQ2* community. Each year the Chorus offers two concerts, in December and May, in Winnipeg, reaching an audience of approximately 900. In addition, the chorus performs in churches and at community events.

Highlights of the RHP’s performing history include:

  • Inaugural concert at Walker Theatre, May 2000 before an audience of 900 with special guests Prairie Pride Chorus (Regina) and Bridge City Chorus (Saskatoon)
  • Joint concert with Prairie Pride Chorus, 2001, Dark Hall, University of Regina
  • Joint concert with Vancouver Men’s Chorus, 2002, Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg
  • Canadian GALA Festival, John Bassett Theatre, Toronto, 2002 International GALA Festival, Place des Arts, Montreal, 2004
  • “Running with Scissors”, a dance/choral music collaboration with Adiseola Akinleye, Franco-Manitoba Cultural Centre, 2004
  •  Joint concert with Bridge City Chorus, Saskatoon, 2005
  • Diversity Festival, Manitoba Choral Association, 2005
  • ChoralFest Manitoba, 2001-2005
  • Three-Time Gold Medalist and winner of Helga Anderson Trophy for outstanding performance by a community choir, Winnipeg Music Festival, 2007, 2008, 2011
  • Produced CD for our 10th Anniversary Season :
  • “Sharing Our Stories”: a concert for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Content Advisory Committee, January 2010
  • Performed at the Gala Dinner for the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights during the museum opening on September 18, 2014
  • International GALA Festival, Denver, 2012 and 2016
  • Holocaust Memorial Service, April 2017 - Participation in a moving and very meaningful service at Congregation Shaarey Zedek.
  • Manitoba Choral Association's Voices Rising Concert celbrating Canada's 150, Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, November 2017

Why We Need Your Financial Support

As with many performance organizations, Ticket sales, program ads, concert fees and CD sales together far from cover the annual revenue we need to maintain our mission. The remaining revenue must come from the generous financial support of corporate, government and individual donors and fundraising events. Currently, our donations come from individual donors, many of whom are Chorus and Rainbow Harmony Project board members. This fact speaks to the dedication and commitment of the men and women that make up the Rainbow Harmony Project; however, we do need to broaden our donor base to sustain the long term growth and finance health of the organization.

The Fundraising Dinner is the major fundraising project of the Rainbow Harmony Project. It is attended by 160 guests from a broad cross-section of the community, including lawyers, doctors, politicians, business people, community activists, artists and musicians. By making a donation and becoming a sponsor of the Diversity Dinner, your name, logo and brand will be seen by our 160 guests, our concert audience of approximately 900 per year as well as our 70 chorus members and approximately 3,500 annual views on our website.

Your financial support also helps us reach beyond our concerts. With your support, we can bring the message of diversity, tolerance and acceptance to more Churches, Synagogues, Towns and Cities outside the metropolitan Winnipeg Area. With your support, we can create quality recordings which help carry our message beyond our region.

By providing financial support to the Rainbow Harmony Project, our donors are directly participating in making our vision a reality. Your donations make it possible for us to reach a broad range of audience members, to create visibility and understanding of LGBTQ2* differences, similarities and basic needs, and to encourage all individuals to learn, grow and change.

Together We Can Create a More Accepting Society through the Power of Music!